Thank you for joining me and the Mantle of Helps on the world-wide web. It is exciting to minister to you through this vast information network. My hope is that our website will be a valuable tool in providing spiritual wisdom and practical application for serving in ministry. As I have traveled to churches throughout the States and across denominational lines, what has consistently been placed on my heart is to assist ministries in two things:

  1. Positioning people for service
  2. Empowering people for purpose
The Mantle of Helps is committed to first position people for service through spiritual gift awareness and a series of workshops (e.g. “Serving in the Church”, “Leading by Example” and “Protecting the Anointing”). Secondly, to empower people for purpose through a workshop entitled “Writing the Vision.” This workshop is designed to establish a written vision for your life that will set you on the path of purpose.

I encourage you to browse our website and discover your ministry gift by taking the spiritual gift assessment.

Lastly, it is truly an honor and privilege to contribute to your spiritual growth and personal development. I hope to hear from you soon.

Remember this, “Everybody ends up somewhere in life, but you can end up there on purpose.”

Serving Faithfully,

Crosby E. Harris, Jr.

Crosby E. Harris, Jr. is a Motivational Speaker and Helps Ministry Trainer who teaches and conducts workshops on the Ministry of Helps in churches across the country. His mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower believers to find purpose through ministry work.

Born again in 1989, Crosby eagerly embraced every opportunity to serve. As a church volunteer, he began as an usher and janitor. After being found faithful in his service, he was appointed to oversee various areas of helps ministry and church operations.

While continuing to serve in ministry, Crosby went on to complete his undergraduate in Business Management. Shortly after graduating, he was recruited by a fortune 500 company. The interview landed him a spot in their management training program and a position as supervisor.

In 1993, Crosby was promoted from volunteer to full-time administrator at Living Word Christian Center, Forest Park, Illinois. Today, he serves as Executive Assistant to Pastor Bill Winston. He is also the Director of: Helps Ministry, Faith Ministries Alliance (F.M.A.) and Ministry Programs.

Crosby has served under the visionary leadership of Pastor Bill Winston for over 15 years. He has seen church membership grow from 15 to 15,000, and the Helps Ministries expand from 10 to 1,000 volunteers with over 50 Helps Ministry Departments.

He and his wife Kathy, along with their three children, reside in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Our Vision
is to help the believer find purpose through ministry work.

Our Mission
is to position and empower the believer through Helps to faithfully serve in accordance to the vision of the leadership while preparing for their personal calling.

  1. To teach and prepare the believer to; attend to, aid, support and serve one another with Christian affection through the ministry of helps.
  2. To lead the believer into servanthood, thereby strengthening their commitment to the local church.
  3. To inspire the believer to unleash their potential and serve within the area(s) of their gift.


E-mail: crosby@mantleofhelps.com

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